Question about going on meds, then going off them later

I want to try going on gabapentin that the doctor told me to go on at mass eye and ear. I am worried however about later in life when I have to come off them. I know it doesn’t really matter now because if it is what I need to feel better now then that is what I should worry about. It’s just if I get used to the medicine and then I come off of it say years later will I be plunged back into unsteadiness, brain fog etc. like how I felt before taking it, and that I wont be used to feeling dizzy cause I would have been on meds that hopefully would have helped?!

Hi Lauren,

My advice is to try not to worry about what might happen years down the track. One step at a time - give the Gabapentin and run and hopefully it will work for you!


Most patients can come off a med after about 1 year and remain in control of symptoms.