Question about MAV

Just curious about something. When I sit and do nothing I have the feeling of rotation in my head. Some days if I sit its there but not as bad as it is if I get up and move around. My doctor says its my ears and what goes on with them. This has gotten worse over the years and am not sure what to think as far as migraine or inner ear. What is the positive test that will tell if its migraine? I have bilateral loss on ENG so having that test leads the doctors to a more inner ear problem. I am really worried what is going to become of my life. I use to have dizziness chronically but more in spells. Like I would get dizzy through out the day but in between would not feel it at times. But now its there all the time it seems. When I am having a better day and get up and not feeling the rotation in my head right away if I start doing house work or anything like that it comes back. I would like to understand how the mind or what process is happening to give the feeling of dizziness. When I have been hooked up to electrodes with this feeling I have been told I show a dizzy pattern. I don’t understand if a person shows a dizzy pattern how that involves a migraine. Does anyone know what I mean? If the blood vessel is swells during a migraine eposiode and actually touches the balance nerve I can see how one would get vertigo from them coming in contact. But I don’t understand what the dizzy pattern is if the blood vessels that swell aren’t coming in contact with the balance nerve. Sorry if I am going on and on about this. I am so sick of this its been 23 years.



Sounds like you are having a tough time right now. You have so many questions in one post, and I can’t answer them all. Actually, the one question that I can answer is regarding testing for migraines. The neurologist who diagnosed me told me that there is no real test for them. The only thing that can be done is try taking migraine preventative meds, and if the symptoms decrease, or go away, then it is probably migraine. I’m not saying that there aren’t any tests for migraines, just that my neurologist wasn’t aware of any at the time I saw her.

I hope you get the answers to the rest of your questions.


I sure do understand your being sick of this. It’s a dreadful affliction.

In understanding migraine, the Buccholz book, “Heal Your Headaches” helped me tremendously.

My doc told me it wasn’t until the early 90s that anybody understood that there was a connection between migraine and vertigo, and they are still working on their understanding.

good luck,


Thanks Brain and Julie for you thoughts on this.