Question about prescriptions in general--feeling BAD

My question is…have you ever had a poor reaction to medication when switching from a name brand to generic or the other way around? OR…have you reacted to a medication you have been taking for awhile but it came from a different lot number?

I know this sounds crazy but I have reacted twice this way. The first was to topiramate. I got a different generic from my retail pharmacy than I usually get from my mail order. The second time this happened was with my birth control. For what ever reason I reacted differently to a different lot. After the meds was gone my symptoms go back to usual.

Has anyone had this happen before?

The reason I ask is that I have been feeling bad, way more dizzy than usual. My worsening symptoms coincided with a new birth control (stopped taking 7 days ago), a horribly bumpy flight to and from Nebraska, and a new shipment of topirimate.

I was felt bad since the 3rd of June and I’m not sure how much longer I can idly wait it out.


Yes, I have had it between two different generics and from a generic to a name brand. I just didn’t get the same relief. It’s not with all medicines.

Hi Sarah,

You and me both. I’ve had this from a different brand only and not a different batch. The latter seems unlikely to me but not the former. Different brands contain different exipients and other packing agents. Happened to me with Cipramil. The other brands upset my gut in a big way which would cause me to wake in the night with my heart racing. Anxious during the day. Switched to the main brand and POOF, all symptoms vanished.

Maybe? :slight_smile: ) Each one is generic, and each is a different manufacturer, I’m assuming (as they all look a tad different). The last two times I switched, I felt more “off” than usual for the first few doses. Could have been a coincidence, but I was actually beginning to wonder if it had something to do with switching brands.

Absolutely yes!! I was given a prescription to the generic Topamax and had a hives reaction almost immediately!! Waited a few weeks and my dr prescribed “name brand only” and have beenon it for almost a year with no issues whatsoever… My best friend is a dr and explained to me that many times with a generic it is the suspension or compound that the medication is mixed with that you are allergic to…not the medication itself. Not that generic is bad at all… But for me it has to be name brand Topamax to not elicit a reaction… Good luck and listen to your body!! You know what feels right!

I contacted my doctor and he believes that while it is unlikely, it is not impossible, especially since this has happened before. We are going to try the brand name and see what happens!
Fingers crossed,