Question About Topamax and Tingling

Morning Everyone

I have had the tingling side effect from early on, very self limiting and really not an issue. Recently I have felt well enough to restart my exercise program, which right now is walking approx 2.5 miles. Once I stop walking my legs and hands immediately start to tingle, the tingling is very intense and it lasts approx 30 minutes. Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks Cecilia

Here is my long, very well thought out clinical and medically documented answer…yes.


Hi Cecilia,
Yes, I have had this and often times in hot weather as well. Best thing to do is stay VERY well hydrated. Often just drinking water or some other fluid when this happened made it go away pretty quickly.

How much Topamax are you taking? I am on 50mg and get tingling too but I don’t find it to annoying. Are you having good results as far as the headaches and/or dizziness?

I think I already answered this question in your other post… see above :smiley:


I have tingling on and off with the Topamax (on 75 mg) and now for some reason have it more often now out of the blue after being on the med for a year. Unrealted, and not to be dumb but if your shoes are tied too tightly, you may experience the same effects after exercising as well. I know - I have!

Thank you for your responses. I am currently taking 150mg a day and it seems to helping control the dizziness. I have had the tingling from the beginning but as I said really never a big issue, very mild and self limiting. It just seems to be exacerbated with the exercise. I will definitely push the fluids to see if that makes a difference.

Thanks again,