Question for Adam

Hi Adam

Did you have any notable side affects whilst on Propranolol? It seems to be working well with me but I’m worried about the side affects (I looked them up today) especially hair loss! I’ll go off of them if there’s the slightest chance of that!!!


(I’m taking 1 tablet (40mg) twice a day.


Sorry, just adding;

How are you going on Lamotrigine? Are there side affects? I really need to find something with minimal side affects, I’m sick of feeing tired all the time.



Propranolol is pretty easy to tolerate - I wouldn’t worry about the hair loss - you almost certainly wont
experience that - its very rare. It’s just the tiredness
that is bothersome but it does get better. Give it some time and you’ll be less tired. Then you can weigh
up your options. Personally I would prefer to be tired than dizzy - but everyones circumstances differ -
they don’t recommend giving propranolol to atheletes for example, as it can really reduce their exercise tolerance.
I know this might apply to you.

Another drug you can try is Verapamil. It has similar effects to Verapamil (slows the heart, increases efficiency)
but tiredness is not common with it. The only side effects people usually get from this one is swollen ankles and sometimes

It sounds like you are doing well with Propranolol so give it a little longer before you try something else.

The maximum dose of Propranolol is about 160-240mg (I’ve been all the way to 240mg but it didn’t work for me). You have to go up
and down slowly or it can cause chest pain - its generally not safe to miss doses or take extra or stop abruptly.

The normal starting dose of Verapamil is 1 x 120mg sustained release tablet (usually Isoptin SR here in Australia) and you should
feel better almost straight away. After about a week you can go to 2 x 120mg SR tablets a day. Max dose is about 480mg/day.

Best of luck, and make sure your doctor is involved so that you can avoid dosing errors etc.


Thanks Adam

It sounds like Verapamil is a ‘safer’ drug. If it has less side affects then Propranolol, then I think I’ll try it instead. I do weights etc. so I don’t want to feel tired, its bad enough on Pizotifen, they still make me tired. Do I need to wean off the Pizotifen of can I go straight to Verapamil? I will talk to my Dr of course. Whats the best way to ‘wean’ off them? IE; down to 2 tablets a day for 2 weeks, then 1 tablet for 1 week etc.???

Thanks Adam


Yeah that sounds fine for going off Piztofien.

You can take Verapamil and Pizotifen simultaneously - they are very different drugs and have
no interactions

I just started taking Propanolol, tomorrow night will be one week. This is all new to me so I have some questions, I do know that most of you aren’t doctors so I will check with them on any advice given, but you people understand!
How is dosing decided? I like many of you seem to only need baby doses of things. I’m 5’4" tall and and weigh 122lbs. The doc started me out on 60mg once a day which I take at night.
Would taking it during the day be better? I have to admit last night was the best I’ve slept in a while and this morning also was pretty good but I often (not always) feel best in the morning.
How long (generally) before I know if this is for me? Is 30 days long enough? I don’t understand if a drug is going to help why some are saying it could take months. I do understand it could take a couple of months to take FULL effect but it seems to me I should see improvement in a couple of weeks.
How do you know if you should up the dose?
What can be taken for headaches that I do get?
Is a little Valium a good idea? I am going to admit it this is wearing my emotions down. Almost every day between 2pm and 7pm is a rough time for me. I’ve simply had enough. I try to keep my mind off it by doing my physical therapy, keeping my loved ones near by, and now by chatting here. It seems to help.

Thank you so much for any opinions you give me.