Question for m1001m or others with constant red eyes

hi just wondering about your red eyes, or other that may have this too

I have extremely blood shot eyes all the time just before i got vertigo so 3/4 years now. they are so bad i dont take my sunnies off at all and wont go out because of it. do you have the same or are they just a bit red? im seeing an opthamologist about this again soon but as yet no real answers just maybes ie autoimmune. i havent found anyone with vertigo that has this bad blood shot eyes thing thanks love to hear any answer bec

Not sure if its just before I get vertigo. Some days it looks like I have red eyeliner on, really! The bottom lids particularly.
When I get really tired with the dizziness my eyes are bloodshot (not horrendously bloodshot but definitely bloodshot), its gone after a good nights sleep. Also I get swollen red top lids and I am bluey under the eyes.