Question for Scott

Hey Scott,

I read that you said a physio helped you with your neck pain and headaches. Can you explain exactly what they did. I’m thinking of seeing one myself but the last one I tried just hooked me up to a tens machine and helped other patients. I’ve been also thinking of trying spinal decompression for my neck but it’s very expensive and I’m not sure if it’s worth it.



Migraine pain hits me in the neck and I have a hot spot at C2. Pushing around this spot is always sore and when it really gets jammed up I get all kinds of additional problems with it such as feeling half asleep and head fogged etc. The pain causes other muscles in my neck to jam and flare as well and probably triggers migraines. I used to see a chiro because years ago physio made the dizziness worse but I think chiropractic is mostly useless now and a waste of money (my personal opinion after years of it). So I thought I’d try physio.

The first week after physio I felt really great – probably some placebo effect added in – but it did definitely fix the jammed C2 and for that I have felt better ever since. It’s no cure that’s for sure but if your neck is in bad shape it’s really worth doing something to loosen it up, reduce the pain, and lessen migraine attacks and MAV overall. No guarantee it’ll work but worth a go.


I see a chiropractor about once a week to have my neck adjusted. I find that it I skip it because I haven’t been getting head pain, it will catch up with me. Doesn’t do anything for the constant dizziness, but does help with the headaches.

I also see a chiropractor for my neck pain and he does adjustments. I only go once a month. I don’t notice any change doing this. But he has a masseuse who is absolutely awesome. She herself is a migraineur and is very astute on pressure and trigger points. She works on those spots on the back of my head and neck, and then she works on these knots I get in the muscles around my shoulder blades from the migraines. She is absolutely incredible. I’ve gone in during a migraine and after the massage it’s gone. Of course the next migraine brings it all back again. I think I would make out just as well just seeing her and skipping the adjustment.

Thanks guys for the advice. As for the physio, is there a certain technique or method I should be looking for other than tens and a heat pack like the physio I saw.