Question for Scott

Hey Scott, I know you used to be on Celexa and If I’m thinking correctly, that pretty much cleared things up for you right? Also, I know it didn’t work for you the second time around after you went off it and went back on it. Has it been a few years since you’ve tried it the second time? If so, you ever think that you might give another go at it since it’s been so long and you may react better to it now since it’s been a few years? It might work again for you now like it did the first time. Just a thought. Hope you’re doing alright.

The reason I didn’t send this to you privately is because maybe there’s someone here who’s had similar experience and have tried there choice of med a third time around and worked and can touch on this subject too for you.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your post and suggestions :smiley:

I have given Cipramil a go for a few days once or twice since stopping years ago and the same symptoms began immediately on it. Instead of becoming more used to it years back I got worse on it over time. It created a very nasty myalgia where it felt as though I had needles sticking into my butt and neck. The joints in my hands would feel like concrete every morning. The chronic neck tension and aggravation made for endless headaches, and increased sensitivities to everything including food. The few days I had tried it again and it was all there again as per usual.

The thing is, Paxil is OK for me on a very low dose as long as I walk the line of a migraine lifestyle. If I stray too long and too far, I will crash no matter what drug I’m on. Paxil does not cause me any myalgia unless I suddenly change the dose (0.5 mg will do it).

Hope you are feeling well and having a great weekend.


p.s. most of the SSRIs cause the same problems as above. But not Paxil!


Well at least you got the paxil going for you to help you a bit. At least it’s something right? I think the scientists are going to come up with something pretty good within the next 5-10 years as I’ve been following migraine news lately. I recently read that apparently they have found a few genes that are the cause of migraine and I believe they know why women have it more than men, but none of the articles I read mentioned anything about them working on a new way to combat it. Although I can’t imagine doing this research not to come up with a better solution for the people to rid this. I believe something’s going to happen breakthrough wise within this decade. Let’s keep our fingers crossed huh. Have a great weekend man! :smiley: