Question for those familiar with Dr. Hain's phone consults

Question- I was wondering if Dr. Hain is able to prescibe treatment such as medications by doing a phone consult or does he need to see you in person for that? Any info is appreciated.

He can prescribe after the phone consult.

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He can prescribe after the phone consult.

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Not internationally, though :slight_smile:

He does phone consults? Does anybody have any more info on this? I would gladly pay whatever he wants to have a few minutes of his time on the phone…

I think he charges $200 for a half an hour, but not sure. Some here have done phone consults with him, so perhaps they can confirm/provide more info. I think, however, he will need info sent to him prior to your phone consult so he knows your history.

If anyone has any info on phone consults with Dr. Hain, please post it.


I believe if you use the search feature you will find this information. It was posted in detail a while ago or you can go to his web site to get the contact info for the office to get in touch with him.