Question for vic or anyone?

Hi all,
just one question , is Dr Hamalgyi a neuro or an ENT?
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney.
asking for a friend who believes she may have mav.
The weather is crappolla here storms a brewing again! :shock:
darn QLD beautiful one day , raining every other day.
I might go move where the sun shines ( a desert)?


Hi Jen,

Michael Halmgyi is a neurologist specialising is balance disorders. I guess you could call him a neurotologist although that term is not used in Australia I am told. He is a clinical professor at the University of Sydney.

You might also consider sending your friend to see Granot as well unless he/ she needs balance testing. Halmagyi’s unit has all of the gear for doing caloric tests etc. I think Granot was more diverse in his attack on migraine in terms of possible meds to use. What I got from H was to either use Prothiaden or if that didn’t work to go with Flunarizine (the suicide drug as some call it). He didn’t have much to offer Adam either in terms of meds.


Thanks Scott. :smiley:

where is Granot, Sydney?

Hi Jen,

Halmagyi is a great guy and an expert in migraine and other balance disorders such as MdDs (my GP raves about him). He put me on Prothiaden and Valium but we also talked about Aropax (Paxil) as I’d taken it before (many years ago) and Topamax. He’s pretty open minded in my experience and was happy for me to try other meds if I wanted to. The challenge with Halmagyi is getting an appointment to see him! For my first appointment I was so sick and my GP was so worried about me Halmagyi told me to come in the next day, without an appointment, and he would fit me in. Which he did :smiley: . Very nice man.

When I first joined mvertigo a couple of years ago another woman from Sydney, Dizzyblonde (Judy) told me she saw Dr Shawn Watson at Prince of Wales and she raved about him.


Oh good Vic,
Trying to find some neuros for a new member Cheryl who is in Sydney.
She has been given the run around for many years, and that’s just not good enough.
Maybe someone other than DR H might be better as she saw him Yonks ago and he sent her home with Kwells meds, which did zilch for her of cause. :twisted:
too many wasted year’s due to probable miss dx all owing this S**yte to morph.