Question..Migraine is a genetic and an inherited condition?

Was reading The 10 Commandments of MAV…
it’s says ‘Migraine is a genetic and an inherited condition’…
then a reply to this said ’ If you don’t have family members with migraine, that would be a good reason to not to stop looking once you have a MAV diagnosis.’
Question is, Does this mean if you do not have a family history of migraines, then you most likely do not have MAV/migraines?

Hi JustMe,

Bottom line is that migraine is a genetic condition. You’ll see people deny this elsewhere but they may as well belong to the flat earth society.

Because we know it’s genetic it always makes it much easier to nail this when searching for a diagnosis if someone else in the family has it too. It’s a very good indicator. However, for some they are not aware of other family members with migraine. That could be because they just don’t know yet (it took me ages to find out my grandmother was a migraineur) or because someone in the family has it but is in denial (my mother has a weird version of this and will never refer to it as migraine) or no one has it because for reasons we don’t understand, the genes were not expressed in others. They were in you though.

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

I think it would help to define “genetic.” We may have a genetic predisposition to the disease, but that doesn’t mean the symptoms were there from birth. I have never felt like the ground was constantly moving up and down until about 2 weeks after I got a concussion from boxing when I was 21. Dr. Baloh at UCLA basically told me (as I understood him at least), that MAV (in my case spontaneous MdDS) can be triggered by head trauma if you have the genetics for it.