Question re Dr S

Hi all

I just got a copy of the letter that Dr Surenthiran sent to my GP following my recent appt with him. I saw him privately but he has asked if I can be referred to him on the NHS at his Medway clinic. I wondered if anyone has followed the same route and gone from private to NHS to see Dr S. If so, do you wait for your GP to refer you via the NHS then does Dr S send you a follow-up appt?

Also, he mentioned about possibly having their vestibular physiotherapist and maybe respiratory/cognitive behavioural therapist involved in my future treatment. How does that work and is it possible if you live a long way from Kent? I am a 4 hour car journey away so it would not be feasible for me to travel there for regular sessions of therapy. Can he refer you to someone local to you if you live far from Kent?

Thanks for any info x

Hi Jem,

I got onto Dr S NHS list after seeing him private. I had to jump through a few hoops to get there though.

You need to ask your local GP to see if they can refer you to Dr S. Then you need to keep chasing your GP and Dr S’s NHS secretary to co-ordinate the referall letter (this took me 2 months!). Then once your referral is in the system it will be around a month and half waiting list to get an appointment. Total time around 3/4 months which isn’t too bad. If your GP speeds up the referal it could be shorter.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Khal. You don’t have any details eg email or tel no for his NHS secretary do you? He seems to have quite a few different secretaries. I spoke to someone called Linda, but think she is the private sec. Thanks x

Has anyone else had Dr Surenthiran’s prescribed vestibular rehab, physiotherapy, respiratory physio or CBT and is it only available in the Kent area? x