Question Revisited: What are your TOP 3 TRiggers?

  1. Not Enough Sleep

  2. Increased Stress

  3. Caffeeine/Alcohol

Curious to know what your top 3 Triggers are…



  1. Increased Stress/Anxiety
  2. Irregular sleep schedule or not enough sleep
  3. Being too sedentary/Lack of exercise

Great idea for a post Joe :slight_smile:

My top 3 vary according to whether I was thinking about a headache kind of migraine or a dizziness/vertigo migraine(I’ve never really been able to see a connection between my headache migraines and my vestibular problems.

Triggers for headaches:

  1. Not eating regularly/going too long without food
  2. Alcohol
  3. Lying in bed too late in the morning

Triggers for dizziness:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Anything that triggers motion sickness - lifts, escalators, travel
  3. Feeling under the weather for any other reason

As an aside, I’m always really intrigued that some people seem to find a little alcohol beneficial as it sends my MAV crazy! Let alone the headache I would get the morning after as well!

Just flat out being lazy is a main trigger for me. Yea, being lazy 3 times.


  1. Lack of sleep.
  2. Lack of scheduled meals.
  3. More than one cup of coffee.

Hey Beechleaf…i had forgotten about the one where i go too long with out food or missing a meal. That can certainly trigger increase tightness in my head and Motion. So i think that will have to be #3 and Caffeeine/Alcohol will drop to #4th as far as triggers go. :slight_smile:

As far as the coffee goes…i purchase the Folgers RED Container 1/2 the Caffeeine…and only have maybe 1/2 cup at the most per day or every other day.

I very rarely get a Regular painful headache…but it happens on occasion. I always feel motion and some tightness in my head 24/7…so if i am really stressed then the motion and tighness increases big time!

Lying in bed too long in the morning doesn’t appear to bother me much. Things that trigger motion sickness can sure get things fired up. I had a co-worker a couple years back that when i would drive in his car he would Brake his pedal Alot…and that would triggers symptoms. I finally had to tell him to please decrease pressing on the brake pedal so much…and he did thank goodness.

Thanks for your answers. Anyone else want to share…please do.


Hi Joe,

  1. As a short-term and devastating trigger, the main one would have to be SLEEP DISRUPTION or lack of sleep. If I go to bed at 3 AM for example when I’ve been going to sleep at 10.30 PM, I pay.

  2. Stress can impact me acutely if it’s a panic button sort of stress. I get over these ones quite fast. But long term stress that eats away at me for weeks has the potential to really cause a MAJOR set back that takes weeks, even months, to recover from.

  3. Potent food triggers: full cup of coffee (as in cappuccino style strength), any deli foods, MSG - especially dodgy Asian bottled sauces, aged cheeses, a mega dose of dark chocolate.


My top triggers:

  1. lack of sleep or change of time zone
  2. too much time on computer
  3. Stress
  4. bonus round: red wine



Does it have to be just 3? :lol: I have loads!

Try to keep this short:

Number 1 on the list is stress, definitely, if I am worrying about something and also if I get depressed for days usually because of something on my mind and it goes over and over I can end up with vertigo, so, I try to shut it out if I can.

Lack of sleep does not give me migraine, but the way I sleep can. The first 4 hours are usually OK, then I wake up, same every night with no headache. The second half of the night is the one where I wake with migraine. My friend has the exact same thing, we both suffer from low blood sugar, so I think that may play a part.

Too long on the computer, the next day I feel really dizzy.


  1. Stress
  2. Sleep disturbance/lack of/too much
  3. Weather change
  4. My bonus round - ALWAYS monthly menstrual migraine!

Wow Guys…I keep hearing “Lack of Sleep” and “Stress” over and over again! Those appear to be the two big ones from the handful of people who shared. I hope more people will give us there Top 3 Triggers. :slight_smile:


Hormones, stress and red wine

  1. Sleep disruption/lack of sleep
  2. Not eating regularly/becoming dehydrated
  3. Busy days that involve a lot of rushing around, talking to people, nodding, and other motions, or being in/near a large, noisy group of people

I had a meeting with the Graduate Student Advisor at my school the other day and I became quite dizzy since she tends to nod a lot, rock in her chair, and move her hands around. My husband thinks I’m nuts sometimes when I ask him to stop jiggling his leg. Something about the motion just really sets me off!

  1. Stress and I only discovered that as a trigger tonight! I used to have a HUGE capacity for stress. Since I’ve been in Abu Dhabi Ive been doing REALLY well - like almost 90% well each day. BUT tonight I got some major stress sent my way from my arsehole tenants in London and my dizzies came back almost immediately!! Then the rocking started along with the swaying vision. And now my brain is super ramped up and buzzing. Feel crap.

  2. Cheese - def think that each time I eat cheese ssomething funky happens to me

  3. Period time! Again I think!! When I got my period (sorry if this is TMI) last month that is when I had a bad attack that day after doing well for the previous 2 weeks. I was written off. So the test will be if this month’s cycle bring the same cluster-f&ck of symptoms as last month and then I’ll know for sure.

Previously I’ve just been so ill 24/7 that I havent noticed ‘triggers’.

Peace out xx

Good idea for a post Joe…helps people to get some ideas.

#1 for me…my monthly period. kidding kidding :lol:

#1 Sleep Deprivation…no question!

#2 Spending a considerable amount of time in a busy, large store. (ie. Supermarkets, shopping centers, Nordstroms with wife, etc

#3 Here is kind of an odd one that I do not hear many others mention…standing upright and holding a conversation with someone for a considerable amount of time. If I am able to sit down and chill and talk to the person I am ok…if I have to stand and focus on the person , I get wobbly and start to sway all over the place.


Currently for me

  1. Hormones
  2. Stress
  3. Disruption of normal routine- whether it be sleep issues/onset of illness/travel


  1. Change in Sleep Pattern
  2. Not eating
  3. Horomones

Bonus- Stress and Weather Changes

Just wondering…if you are a passenger and your friend or family member Breaks alot in a car or van…could that aggravate or trigger your symptoms? It certainly does it for me. A co-worker of mine…while we are teamed up in a Van at work …he just has this habit of pressing the brake pedal and it drives me buggy and brings on dizzy/rocking symptoms. So i finally had to tell him and now he presses the brake pedal much less. I am so motion intolerant!


In no particular order:

  • disrupted sleep (not enough, too much, jet lag)
  • being sick with something else (especially viruses, gastric upsets)
  • light - eg harsh, hot, glary sunlight, flickering lights

In general terms anything which upsets my equilibream (lack of sleep, illness, low blood sugar, emotional distress, too much red wine) is Bad News.

top 3: