I was reading in the misinformation section and got to a part that said people who suffer with mav are dizzy free inbetween episodes. This makes me wonder about feeling dizzy most of the time. What is the thought on this. I’m confused as I thought feeling dizzy most of the time was a symptom of mav?

Hi Charisse

Most people with MAV are dizzy-free between episodes of vertigo.

MAV is a very common syndrome, in fact the latest article I read on it just today indicates
that 1% of the population have definite migrainous vertigo… that’s 1 in 100 people.

There is a smaller proprtion again (I don’t know the numbers) that have chronic dizziness
from MAV and do not experience dizziness in episodes.

Either way, the same treatments apply and are usually effective at mostly or completely
getting rid of the dizziness altogether, regardless of whether it is episodic or chronic.