Still trying to distinguish my symptoms. I have a Q. If Imitrex helps to alleviate the pain from one of my migraines, why would it not eliminate the other dizzy, lightheaded, ear pressure… symptoms as well, if they are migraine related???

Could be that you have permanent damage in your vestibular system (caused either by migraine, or something else, like a virus). Don’t worry too much, though - while the damage may be permanent, the problems caused won’t have to be, since the brain can re-adjust given time. However, it probably won’t re-adjust (aka. compensate) until your migraines are under control, in other words, infrequent (less than two a month, but needless to say, less is better).
This is where Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises (Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy) comes in. (VRT with frequent migraines was described as often being “useless torture” to me by an ENG technician.)

I hope this helps a bit.
By the way, MAV is a pretty recently recognized disorder, so the details are still quite sketchy… it might be something else that either I haven’t read about, or that quite simply nobody knows about yet.