Questions about Effexor

Greetings all,

Alas…I am trying a new med…AGAIN :frowning:

My physician has put me on Effexor @ 75mg. My first night (last night) , I took one of these pills and was close to throwing up :?

In talking with a friend on this forum (Kelley), she told me to cut this in half as 75mg right out of the gate is too strong.
After last night, I tend to agree with her :slight_smile:

My questions:

  1. What dose is usually found to be the effective amount for people with MAV?

  2. When does it usually start to show benefit if it is going to be an effective med for you? (ie. 4 weeks, etc)



I started out with 12.5mg of Effexor and had to quit due to having severe vomiting reflexes. I guess I had dry heaving technically.

IEffexor can have wicked withdrawals, so the lower the dose, the better for the patient.

Actually, Dr. Hain says 37.5 is his target dose, but I"ve seen him go up to 150mg when it’s been working but quit.

Todd, how did you feel today? Did you get over the nausea? I think the half life for Effexor is short. Are you taking the capsules in the Extended RElease? That is what you want. Also, if you can, get the name brand.


Thanks for the correction. I will edit my post to get rid of the false info.

I split my pill in half last night and took 37.5 mg of Effexor. Glad to report that I did not feel sick at all (compared to the previous night when I took 75mg).

Obviously, I still have all of my symptoms…full head, horrible ringing, numb lips, brain fog, sensitivity to light, etc.

I know that whatever med. I try is not going to work overnight…but at least I did not get sick on the Effexor :slight_smile:

So…it sounds as if I am at the target dose (maximum dose) right out of the gate per Dr. Hain?

Have I mentioned lately that this shit sucks? I am so f###ing sick of feeling sick …just one day of a clear head to remember what it feels like.

Anyway…enough whining…I will keep you all posted regarding the Effexor. Don’t know how long it will take to know if it is working or not, but I will keep plugging along.


Hang in there Todd!
This could very well be the one. Dr. Hain is quite good and well respected. THere must be tons f people who go to him, take the meds, get better and never visit this site. Otherwise, why would he continue to tout it’s benefit?
Also, keep in mind that migraineurs have very sensitive brains…as much as you like to jump into a med (and don’t think I don’t admire your gumption!) be careful with that…you can cause destabilisation, and then you won’t know
if the meds could have worked. Especially considering you are taking other psychotropic meds…
Pulling for you!!


I’m taking 150 mg. of effexor and am 90% improved. It took some time as I didn’t have that much improvement at 75 mg. However, Dr. Hain suggested I try 150 mg. I wish you the best of luck.


I started with 37.5 mg, felt better and moved up to 75 mg, felt better so moved up to 150 mg. I’ve now tried higher doses twice and found that higher than 75 mg just doesn’t help me. Everyone will be different, of course. I make the changes SLOWLY to trick my brain into thinking nothing is changing.