Quick question about Chronic Subj Dizziness

Is it possible to have any rotation whatsoever with CSD?

According to the researchers who have had great success with treating CSD with SSRI’s, yes it is possible to experience some level of vertigo (false movement) with CSD.

“Patients with this condition (CSD) describe vague, nonspecific light-headedness and subjective sensations of imbalance. As opposed
to true vertigo or ataxia, they may complain that the inside of their head is spinning or that they are swaying when standing still.

The answer to your question is yes.

I was diagnosed with CSD. In the first six weeks, I had two episodes of true room spinning, unable to stand vertigo. After that it was just 24/7 feeling like I was going to fall out of my chair or fall over. It was definitely rotational most of the time. I used to stand with my iphone in my hand and put on the stopwatch and see how long I could stand in one place without falling over, to give myself confidence that I wasn’t about to fall. It was brutal. And the whole thing came out of the blue since I was very healthy.

They put me on Celexa (I started at 5mg and now take 30 mg), and it reduced the CSD by about 70% after three weeks. I have been on it for about 4 months. I am now at about 80some% better, though I still have times of the day when I get a shudder of anxiety due to the sensation of spinning or moving slightly. That is the final 15% I am trying to knock out.

They suggested Celexa or Zoloft as a first line option, then Effexor or Cymbalta as a second line.