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Quick update

I wanted to give you guys a quick update on my condition and a little insight that I hope may help others here. I suffer from what was diagnosed as vestibular migraine and I have recently been trying to recover from my third relapse into constant, severe vertigo. I am feeling much better and I’m hoping it is for good this time. I had a realization after watching a video on here by Dr. Shin Beh at UT Southwestern (which is incidentally where I went to medical school!) He was describing vestibular migraines as finite episodes of vertigo which didn’t really fit with my constant, 24/7 symptoms. He described PPPD as the more constant, unrelenting disease process. What I realized is I was likely suffering from both and each one was feeding into the other. The importance of this realization is that the treatment of the two conditions is very different. Vestibular rehabilitation had not been working for me and I realized that I likely did not have the migraines fully under control. For the next 2-3 months I focused solely on treating the migraines as aggressively as I could. I have been on nortriptylline, B12, Magnesium, B2, and CoQ10 while adhering to a strict migraine diet. After 2-3 months of this regimen, I switched my focus and started concentrating on treating the PPPD with vestibular rehabilitation. Lo and behold my symptoms started to improve and eventually resolved. I have stayed on the migraine regimen and I do have occasional bouts of vertigo that flare up and linger a few hours but thankfully I have been able to alleviate them with the vestibular exercises. Anyways, I hope this helps a few of you. It is a terrible disease but as Dr. Beh said, it is treatable and a majority of his patients eventually find relief.


VRT just won’t work until you’re more neurologically stable.

Glad you’re doing better!


This is excellent. Thanks for the update. I’m so glad your symptoms resolved again. Are you staying on nori for a while or will you go off it again? I guess I’m just wondering how you’re trying to prevent another relapse.

Well done to you. I totally agree with you. I too believe that the migraines and residual 24/7 symptoms are not one and the same thing.

Thanks for the update and keep safe as always. You can win the battle. God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.~God speed.


I hope you’re doing well.