Rainbow halos around lights

Does anyone experience this strange new symptom I’ve noticed? Besides blurred vision (had Lasik surgery over 5 years ago), I’ve noticed a rainbow ring (green/purple) around traffic/street/headlights at night. I read that could be a symptom of glaucoma. If anyone’s had this, please let me know what you did, if anything, about it. Thanks!

Please go get your eye pressure checked before assuming it’s migraine. While halos can be an aura symptom, your eyes are nothing to mess around with. That plus the blurred vision really warrants a trip to be on the safe side.

DFL, I have an appointment this week. thanks for the response. :wink:

Is there really no one out there who’s experienced rainbow halos around lights at night? :shock:

yeah i get this. Its migraine. Worth getting your eyes tested just in case though.

I get glare, shimmering and halo around lights

Thanks, I’m going tomorrow. I don’t see halos, my halos are purple and green colored. Are your halos in color?