Rapid blinking

Over the past couple of months I have developed light sensitivity and rapid forceful blinking (blepharospasm). Has this happened to anyone else here? I think it is a result of a medication side effect and I have tardive dyskenisia blepharospasm, or maybe it could be at all related to migraine. My doctors don’t have any answers.

Really sorry to hear about this. It sounds very uncomfortable. What meds are you currently taking?

I had been on seroquel, which is what I think caused it. I’m still on zoloft, gabapentin, amitriptyline, and verapamil. All on low doses. Maybe my eyes are too dried out from the amitriptyline and verapamil?

That would certainly make sense with the seroquel and hopefully with time the symptoms will lessen. What are the amitriptyline and zoloft being used for if you don’t mind me asking?