RE Calling Victoria

Hey Victoria,
There was a post a while back from you about PBS and meds.
So If we are on a med like effexor or blood pressure meds for migraine.
does this mean? we can have it put on the PBS.
I suppose it depends on the med.
Effexor isnt in generic form here in oz yet.


Hi Jen,

It was about six months ago my GP gave me a prescription for six months’ worth of Prothiaden (I get the generic one, “Dothep”) so I don’t have to go into the surgery all the time to get refills (although I’m just about due again). He said because I’m on it all the time he’d put me on the PBS. To be honest I didn’t really pay attention to how much the meds cost before vs after the PBS but, as I’m due to get a new script soon I’ll ask him about it and let you know. Will be in the next couple of weeks.


Thanks Victoria,
I am seeing my doc next week a will ask him all about it, I think from what I can see ,
I might already be getting the pbs with my effexor , It must be on the list allready.
Cause it’s a darn site more expensive in the US than it is in oz.

I’m only on effexor and propranolol at the moment,
and seriously thinking down the track, that I might have to try something else as well,
so the list will be getting long and expensive.
My hubbies the only one bringing in the cash right now.
Thanks so much.


Hi Jen,

I went to the doc today and then on to the chemist to get my PBS Dothep(Prothiaden) script filled. The chemist said the PBS means there’s a saving of, wait for it, four whole dollars a month!! Still, better than nothing right? He did say it would be cheaper if I had some sort of concession card, which I don’t. If I’d had my wits about me I would have asked how much as other Australians on here may well have a concession of some sort. Sorry I didn’t think to ask at the time.

Hope things are improving for you Jen.


Hi Victoria,

yeh, I believe concession cards are for pentioners.
disabled, old age, students ect:
my mums on the old age pension and she only pays $5 a script.

My Dr offered me to go on the disabled pention,(so I could get the concession cards) but I declined.
Maybe you could look into it, if your not working.

Vic , I’m doing really well on propranolol, I cant believ the change.
I’ve had migriane free days, and I feel like a million bucks,
it’s early days yet,
but if propranolol can do this for someone whos been cycling with two migrianes a day ,
for as long as I have .
Then it’s a wonder drug!

No oTher meds have worked this well.
I hope I’ll soon be able to post another sucsess story.

fingers crossed. :slight_smile:



That is absolutely sensational news! You’ve put a smile on my face :smiley: I really hope it keeps up for you and gives others on here encouragment as well that they too will find something which works. For you it’s been Propranolol and for me it’s Prothiaden. I was lucky and had success with the first med I tried whereas you’ve been toughing it out for years and years. I’m so glad you’ve hit the mother lode.

BTW - as I’m doing so well (95% most days) I still work so no need for a concession card. Touch wood.


Thanks Victoria,
it’s wonderful to feel this normal, I’d forgotten what normal was.
I would love to be back on prothiadon, I loved that med.
but I’m kinda stuck with effexor for now.
too afraid to go off of it. :oops:

prothiadon is a great med for mav , it really works.

I’m so happy, but still a little pesermistic about it all.
as I 've had sucsess only for it to fade after a few months, you know? yeh!

but I’m enjoying the break.