Re: Healthcare

Correct. It would be A LOT more. The wait for appointments would be months and months. This is what we are “discussing” in the USA right now. Do we want universal health care. Do we want to copy Europe in benefits handed out by the government to the people. It means higher costs, taxes, etc. Europe is suffering now from economic distress, due to more money going out and less coming in. Countries are trying to cut costs and the people are rioting, because they don’t want their benefits cut. Universal health care is one more “cost” that is huge.

I live in Denmark. We have a welfare system. Meaning we pay high taxes but we get almost free healthcare. And other things like daycare, schools, socialpayment if you are without a job. Free Universitys (we even get money each month to study) etc. We pay graduatly taxes. From 30-70 % in taxes. We also pay taxes on other stuff like the stuff we buy and houses etc.
You can get an appointment with a neuro within a few weeks I guess. But the one I met didnt now about MAV… The good ones have looong waiting time.