Re-re-edit -- surgery req'd

I’ve been volunteering for weeks now for a children’s play (performed by a bunch of 5- to 14-year-olds) that a great friend of mine wrote and is putting on. I’ve been doing all the music cues, setting up a whole soundtrack and then cuing in music at the right times.

Tonight was our first of two performances. I got there early (being on production crew) to help set up.

While volunteering (doing stage setup) for Maria’s play, I was walking off the stage and down four steps leading to the main auditorium area.

Well, I fell down the stage stairs and my head got slammed right into the concrete wall! I landed on my left elbow (actually the funny bone), which now hurts like hell. I think I bruised or mildly sprained it and my wrist.

Bunch of people came running over, asking if I was OK. Maria (the long-time friend, who actually understands my condition) quickly added, “No, he’s been having chronic vertigo for ten months.” People kept asking, “Are you OK?” My mind was thinking, but I was so dazed that my head couldn’t “relay the orders” to make my mouth move and speak!

I said to Maria, “One of two things might happen – this’ll either make the vertigo worse, or who knows, maybe the blow to the head will knock something back into place!”

Funny thing is, last summer she taught “stage combat” and “stage falls” – but when she was teaching “stage falls,” I don’t think she meant “falling off a stage”!

Boy, talk about “Klutz and Putz.” I wonder what I’ll do for an encore…! Has anyone here ever taken a significant blow to the head while MAV was in place?

Wow, I can’t believe you can still write. When I fall out of the wheelchair onto the carpeted floor, my head gets jumbled up and fuzzy headed until the next day. I can’t imagine hitting a concrete wall. How are you now? Sometimes the next day is worse.


Am writing with right hand only. Could barely move the left one this a.m., so went to ER. X-ray shows both elbow bones — ulna and radius, have a small crack/fracture, so it’s a cast for at least 2-3 weeks.

Can’t drive, video-game/etc to pass the time, or even put a shirt on or shower properly, etc. Arm can’t move even if no cast/sling was on because pain is so bad from bone-cracks and it “just doesn’t move that way” (most any way) for same reason.

I thought for months that vertigo is the most debilitating condition in the world, as your very living — your perception of reality — is completely thrown into chaos, into a constant state of feeling like you’re in motion. I was wrong. I found vertigo plus a multi-week injury that basically takes out my whole upper left side. Now I can’t do much of ANYTHING physical now.

Turns out need surgery. This Thursday. Involves metal plate + surgical screw to reconnect separation of bone in ulna (torn ligament that held two parts together). Typing w/one hand. Other one in pain & no usability.


What a nightmare. Just when you think you thought you were out of hospitals! Hope it goes well and heals quickly. Has the knock on the head made you feel worse?


I should read more closely. At first glance I thought you were getting a metal plate in your head! And a part of me thought, wow, wouldn’t it be amazing if a metal plate in the right part of the brain cured migraine! And then I came to my senses and realised it was your arm… Anyway, good luck George and hope it all goes well. You sure have been in the wars lately.



I fall all the time, at a minimum a few times a day, and I haven’t hurt myself yet, and I count my blessings for this. I have had crowds form around me when I fall in public with people asking if I was OK. I know the feeling. I will admit though that the stairs are what scare me, because I know I will get hurt. I also know the feeling of being seriously injured and dealing with MAV. Mine wasn’t an actual injury, but surgery on my ankle. I was in a cast and crutches for six weeks. I used to be able to play hacky-sack on crutches. Not any more, I fell so many times on those crutches I am surprised I didn’t end up in surgery again. I’ve always been a clutz and have several permanent injuries that I am not going to waste the time bragging about, just that I know what you are going through right now.

It really is to bad to hear about your injury. I know it sucks losing use of one of your limbs for and extended period of time. Bathing REALLY sucks the big one with a cast on. I hope everything goes OK and that you get well soon.