Do other members have trouble with reading? I have constant bouncing and rocking but when I read I get falling feeling as well.I have to lie down to read (even now with iPad), sometimes I don’t even realise there are letters in front of me until I get the fainting feeling. Makes somewhere like a bookshop a nightmare.

Hi Nubs
Couldn’t read a book/mag for six months after MAV hit - used to listen to a ‘Hearing Book’ but could only tolerate that for half an hour at a time. Now I’m about 80% stablised on Dothep after 18 months and thankfully can read again. However, using the local library is still difficult - looking along rows of books with the titles sideways makes me ‘off balance’ & nauseous so I usually pick the display books placed upright on the shelf. And I always use the little trolleys provided!
Now I have my ipad I can order books as well - still can’t use a pc for longer than 5 mins without getting dizzy.
Hope you have found a med to help.

Thanks Barb,

I have given up on meds after a year trying different ones. I also have some vestibular damage so hoping VRT exercises will help.