Rebound anxiety

Have you guys experienced rebound from benzos? I definitely got this when I used Ativan years ago and after just a few hits which is one of the reasons I avoid that stuff. Over the last 2 weeks I was chewing on a fair bit of Valium to reduce the anxiety load with job interviews going on this week. Yesterday the interviews ended and I felt relieved and thus the anxiety was gone. And I stopped Valium completely. Today I have the feeling like I’ve had a few too many coffees and it intensifies with computer screen viewing. It’s annoying and causing me to think about anxious-inducing stuff even though I push it away. This feels like a purely physiological response now – rebound – and nothing to do with my thoughts per se (though thoughts react to the anxiety if that makes sense).

Maybe I should more slowly reduce valium over a few days. The half life is about 24 hours and that would be about right. I’ve not usually had this issue with Valium but then I did use more than usual. :shock:


Hi Scott
Could be a combination reaction of letdown from constant adrenaline flow while you were powering through the interviews, etc. and also the abrupt cessation of valium. Tapering off benzos, AD’s, etc. is always preferable though I doubt you were using very high doses to begin with considering your extreme sensitivity. I always get a physiological kickback/letdown after intense periods of stress or activity though it manifests itself as “wired but tired” or lethargy and fatigue. The nervous system/migraine brain gets amped up then just doesn’t calm itself down very quickly or very well. I’d continue the valium at tapered doses. Hope that does the trick.

Yes I think I’ve had this with clonazepam. When I’ve taken it too many days in a row, due to constant dizziness, I feel a build up of lethargy. Then when I stop, I get bad anxiety. This is what made me worried I was addicted. However, if I get a nondizzy period, I don’t need it at all, and I don’t feel withdrawal. So that doesn’t follow does it. So I reckon it’s a combination of stopping clonazepam AND feeling dizzy that gives me the anxiety.

Perhaps tapering would help. Hope u feel better soon.

Dizzy Izzy

i get a little bit of this also but right now have to take it just about every day for a while i wasn’t taking it all the time like when i didn’t have to leave the house i wouldn’t take it but this is the worst time of year for me so i’ve been having to take it every day 2.5 mg appro is all i take worst case i take 3/4 of a pill instead of a half. i try to hard not to take much. i have been geting so sick though.


Hey Scott,

As you know my work means I’m often in an adrenalised state. Often when I hand something in and get to relax, I can’t as I have a come down period where I’m still buzzing. It can be frustrating as I’m exhausted but feel totally wired. Could be the benzos but could just be an adrenalin come down.