Rebound headaches

Can you get rebound headaches on daily use of ibupropfen? Some places I’ve read you can and others say you cant.

I have read that it is low risk for rebound but with regular use could be more likely. The best indicator are your own observations. Chart your use and daily symptoms, this is also helpful for anything we take into our systems from foods to food additives, to beverages, to medications and exposure, to environmental aggravants (things inhaled from particulates to fragrances to chemicals, if you can smell it…). Patterns may begin to develop that help to identify what the culprits are.

It’s all individual too. Some may have problems with one thing and others not. I highly recommend individual observation and experimentation.


Thanks for saying that. :slight_smile:

I have found that over the counter can cause rebound. It took me quite a while to identify because it takes two or three days for the rebound to kick in. This happens to me when I take OTC’s too often, and is part of the reason it took me so long to identify. I was taking them too often to allow the for the rebound to kick in. Now I am much less ready to take the OTC pain med, and when I do, I know what the headache I get two or three days later is from.