Does anyone here have any experience with Reboxetine? I was on it for about a month. I gave it a good try because unlike most antidepressants (and medications in general) it didn’t affect my ears, which is a big thing, nor did it affect my vision!

What it did do was give me the worst insomnia I have ever had, and severe chills. Also cold extremities. I was hoping the chills would go away but after a month they hadn’t so I gave up and gave the vortioxetine I had been prescribed a try, hence my other post tonight re: vision :angry:

I want to ask the same question about Reboxetine that i asked about vortioxetine. Does anyone have any experience with these side effects and if so do they eventually go away. I was unsure about whether to give up or persevere, and if I can’t stick the new med I am tempted to go back to this again, or at least i would be if I thought the chills wouldn’t last forever and I would be able to sleep.

I am really looking for anyone who has anything to say about either med as I want to talk to people who have had experience actually taking these meds, not just prescribing them!

I realise they are not first line treatments and may not be ones people here have used but I thought I would ask because …you never know until you do.:slightly_smiling_face: