Recently diagnosed with MAV

Just recently diagnosed with MAV or basilar migraines. Just wondering if anyone else experienced any of the same symptoms. I started 6 months ago with
vertigo, since then I have had dizziness, headaches, flashing lights (like lightning), jerking limbs, weird feelings in the head, tinnitus, some speech difficulty
(such as saying a different word than what I am thinking) etc. All of these symptoms started after the initial bout with vertigo. I have been to 4 doctors,
the hospital, had ct scans, etc. The last doctor I went to (neurologist) was the one that diagnosed me with the MAV. I have been put on a BETA blocker (which
makes me feel blah), but I do feel I am on the right track as far as diagnosis. Thanks for your help!

Leigh i have had all the same problems for a while now i was diagnosed 2 months ago with basilar migrains i am dizzy of and on all the time i have no idea when it is going to come and go what beta blocker did they put you on ?

Welcome to mvertigo Leigh.

I thought I’d put your post into the main discussion area where people can answer you more easily. The Post Your Story thread is not really designed to be a discussion thread.

If you can tell us what beta blocker you’re on and the dose, there will no doubt be someone here who can give you some advice.

Best … Scott 8)

yes, I can totally relate to all your sympotms and more. Mine have now started to transition into other symptoms as well. Scott on this boared is the best…very caring, posts great stuff etc. You might want to look into getting the book Heal Your Headache by Dr. David Buchholz…very informative. This was the book I got when we were trying to figure out what was wrong with me after extensive exams, MRIs etc and after my 2007 hospital ER visit…vertigo, vomiting etc… I read that book and was soooooooooooooo thankful that he listed all my symptoms and more…I was also fearful of meds at the time, and the book helped me to just go for it with his explanation of things…anyway, hang in there, visit the boards often for encouragement, get the book and most of all take care of yourself…try to figure out your triggers and adapt the very best you can. I know it can be difficult to figure out your triggers…I felt like just life in general was my trigger and that I would have to live in a dark cave in order to not trigger it!!! After 3 years of this nonsense, I would say my whole life has changed. I am just not able to do the things I used to be able to…but it could certainly be worse!! :mrgreen:


Sorry you had to join the club, but it’s a very nice bunch here!

The jerking limbs caught my eye - do you do it when you’re awake? I do it in my sleep, and I’m not aware of it. Hubby had to inform me. Though one time I did kick so much that I had a sore hip for a few days. This problem started a few years before the dizziness hit. I’ve had headaches and tinnitus too. But it’s the dizziness that’s the worst of it. So sorry you’re dealing with it too.

— Begin quote from “Leigh63”

… some speech difficulty (such as saying a different word than what I am thinking)…

— End quote

That is often referred as word salad. I’m having problems finding the medical definition for it at the moment, but I have seen people with vestibular problems in general mention it as one of their symptoms. It doesn’t seem very common, but it is not unheard of.

I experience this and have been know to say things like, “let’s just hop on the truck and go downtown.” To which somebody asks, “the truck?” And I respond, “You know, that big yellow truck that stops and picks up people blocking traffic and has a bus driver to collect fares.” I would make a terrible translator. :lol:

It’s called anomia when you can’t think of the word for something. Using the wrong word is known as a paraphasia. The whole phenomenon of language disturbance due to neurological cause is aphasia.

As a speech-language therapist I see this all the time after stroke. It’s now being recognised and documented it can occur in migraine too. Just like you can get limb weakness and numbness in migraine, language & speech (and memory) can be affected. I occasionally get it too. V. frustrating.


Hi Leigh,

Welcome to the forum. Yes, all your symptoms are sadly very familiar (although I’m doing well now so don’t think you’ll feel this way forever).

DizzyIzzy, thanks for all that cool info and correct terminology about the language problems (although I quite like Brian’s description of it as word salad - very apt!). When that happens to me it’s mixed in with the brain fog - I have a hard enough time forming thoughts let alone words and words that make sense at that!


My problems’s mainly remembering the thousands of passwords and PIN nos we have these days. I have at least 2 door code strings I have to remember every morning to physically get into my work office. Then I have about 10 usernames and passwords for work-related computer stuff. Then there’s all the non-work internet passwords (like for here!). Not to mention credit cards, debit cards etc. I’m often leaving shops without the things I want to buy as have forgotten my PIN no and dont have enough cash.

The problem is they all seem to expire at different times so I can’t synchronise them either. I’ve reset my password for this forum 3 times in 2 weeks! It’s a total headf**k.

I get my daughters’names muddled up too, but never forget patients’ names; funny that.


Thanks DizzIzzy for the correct terminology. Makes it a lot easier to explain things to people (doctors for example) when you can use the correct terminology.