Recurring spinning vertigo

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Yes, you guessed it, I got better. I am happy to report my 24/7 dizziness has subsided, I still have occasional swaying feelings, but nothing like I used to experience. I was diagnosed with unilateral vestibular loss, which is now compensated.

So, the thing is that my spinning vertigo still persists. I get it say every 14 days ( the longest run without an attack was 40 days), on average it lasts cca 5 minutes and I get back to normal in about half an hour. That was until yesterday, when I had 5 attacks in the course of 7 hours. Afterwards I slept for 12 hours and am currently feeling quite week, my head feels like a baloon, but I do not have a headache.

I am starting to doubt this is a residual sympotm of my vestibular loss, it sound more like a MAV symptom, but since it is the only symptom I get, the MAV dx could be off as well. Any thoughts?


Can you identify any triggers for the vertigo? For years extreme vertigo was my only symptom and it came on very sporadically. Mine was very severe, lasting hours, and almost always related to some major stress event. FWIW, I am now diagnosed as MAV.


Deb, I tried the elimination diet a year ago but couldn’t really pin point any definite triggers. I do stay away from yogurt, bananas, wine, spirits, nuts, coffee, dried fruit, chocolate and MSD. However it doesn’t really have any considerable impact on the frequency of attacks. Weather and menstrual cycle do contribute somewhat. I am not on any medicine, but am taking magnesium supplement daily. I read about vestibular paroxysmia and this dx fits my sympotms the best now that the false motion/ rocking movement is gone. Guess I am gonna have to go back to see a neurologist, but am afraid he won’t tell me anything new since I can’t find one who would specialise in vertigo and dizziness.