anyone have reflexology to help with their MAV? I have just started up again - a lady that i really like and really trust so just interested to know if anyone else has found relief with homeopathy treatments?

Hi i did try Homeopathy meds ages ago and dont think they helped much to be honest, i tried these for a good few mths. I also tried the Refexlogy at work as we get lots off treatments free as i work for the NHS, and again didnt really help at all. Going to try a neck massage next, as heard good reports with this x

Reflexology might help you feel relaxed and de-stress but that’s all it will do.

See the following on homeopathy:


I tried it.
A friend offered it as she was learning it for a course.
I was so desperate at the time that I would have tried anything.


It’s all in the mind, power of suggestion, might relax you. If it helps in that way, as a secondary adjunct, as a placebo effect go for it.