Regional Jets

Hi Everyone,

I use to have some difficulty flying regular Jet Planes when this dizzy condition first began…but now after a number of years have gone by i do relatively well from a trip from Los Angeles to Kansas City. My question to you is i have never flown a Regional Jet…which are smaller…like 50 seaters, 70 seaters and i believe even 90 seaters. I always take a little more medication whenever i fly…but have never flown on smaller jets (delta and united airlines).

Anyone here tried flying a Regional Jet? If yes…what was your experience? Are they mostly smooth like reguler commercial jets? Or are they more bumpy? One time i flew a very small plane( i don’t think it was a regional jet)…a sixteen seater from Honolulu to Maui…and that increased my motion and anxiety…and i felt a little sick. But if i’m not mistaken this once a different type of airplane…not a regional jet.




I did fly a regional jet once, before I was sick, i think is had 70 seats. It was only a bit less smooth than a big jet liner. I noticed it because i’m terrified of flying, and am watching for every jerk and bounce with white knuckles. My husband thought it was a great ride.

It was nowhere near as bumpy as a little 20-30 seater. No comparison.


Hi Julie…thanks for sharing your experience with a Regional Jet of 70 Seats. Seems like not many people flying these type of Jets (on this forum)…which i guess i can’t blame them. My trip is not till next spring…but more than likely i will probably just fly in a commercial jet from LA to Denver and then rent a car to Rapid City, South Dakota.

Thanks again…Julie


If you got sick on a 16-seater Joe, you definitely don’t ever want to fly in a King or Queen Air. :wink:


Heather…what exactly is a King or Queen Air? Yes…i did get nauseated from a 15 seater…but i believe it was a Prop Plane not a Regional Jet.



Hi Heather,

Thanks for providing me with the pictures. There is no way that i would fly in one of those planes. I just wonder if a Regional Jet with 50 or 70 passengers is a more smoother flight? Guess only way to find out is to try it. Have to decide next spring.

Thanks again…