Relapse & confusion!

After getting through months of trying to sell our home then four weeks to pack & move when we eventually got here all my mav symptoms have come back - thankfully not so terrible as the early days. Dr Granot returned my call the same day - 8 o’clock in evening. He apologised for phoning so late - I’d have been happy to take call at midnight!! He advised to up the prothiaden slowly - 10mg at a time up to 150 if necessary (am on100mg now). My confusion is that my symptoms are so like the mdds info (thanks for posting the link, Scott) don’t know whether upping the Prothiaden is going to help. I have a 1/2 hr ‘window’ of reasonable balance when I get up in morning then gets so bad & I can’t even get my breakfast without clutching onto things to stand up. Total exhaustion! Taking the Ativan helps quite a lot.
Don’t want my body to get used to the ativan & stop working as it’s my ‘lifesaver’! Maybe another co- drug would help the balance issues? Any suggestions?
Thanks to all the positive comments about the ipad 2 - love my new pressie can use this without getting dizzy. Yeah!

Since you respond well to Ativan, a benzo, I would switch over to a long acting benzo like Valium or klonopin. Then I might try lyrica or neurontin as they hit GABA, like the benzos do.
Dr granot is supposed to be quite good, so I don’t want to say anything contradictory. These are just suggestions maybe you could ask him about.

Thanks Kelley,
Dr Granot said to email him if I had further questions so will do that. Didn’t know Valium was longer lasting - my new doc suggested it might be better and I know several others on the forum who give it the ‘thumbs up’. Not sure about lyrica or neurontin as it seems to seriously affect memory - muppo’s post about memory loss was hysterical but the reality probably not so funny!
Still puzzled by the difference between MAV & Mdds - so many of the symptoms are alike. Haven’t been on a boat, plane recently but have had some longish drives on very twisty roads up in the hills. My balance is definitely improved by forward motion but instantly wobbly when I stop & get out of the car, especially standing still - I find I have to move around all the time.