Relapse how long?

Hi everyone Ive had a relapse in my MAV quite a bad one worst in months tbh! Im struggling a lot with this mainly as Im used to a certain level of dizziness so when it gets worse I struggle. Its been a week and I feel intensley dizzy with head pressure constant and heavy eyes too. Im getting really worried Im not feeling any better . Please give me some hope thanks x

Hi Blondie,
This time of the year is hard, no matter what we do to protect ourselves from relapse , they still happen.
Our food choices, stress of Christmas/famly comitments.

I’ve had Mav for what seems forever.
Just last month, I found a wonderful combo of meds and a new lifestyle has made a huge difference , My symptoms a very low, and at times hardly noticeable.
I use to have debilitating migraine aura, all day and for about 20 years.
So if I can recover and be almost sympom free, then it will happen for others as well, I have faith in that now, I didnt before, but now I know it’s possible.
I wish you well, and I’m sorry that you are suffering so much.

Thanks Jenny. What do u take? Have you had dizziness that long? omg xx

There were many times that I really didnt cope at all, and felt suicidal.
it was just never ending, I slept a lot of my days away.
The Drs told me They didnt know enough about what was happening and called it MDds, as I first got it after a long plane trip.
But it wasnt MDds.
So I wasnt properly diagnosed and basically left to rot.
Still pisses me off thinking about it.

There is a "right " combo out there for every one, you’ve just gotta be lucky to find it.


Hi ,
I’m on
Prothiaden 75mg
propranolol 40mg now