Good morning. Well, I think I know what everyone is going to say, but I just need some reassurance :slight_smile: This past long weekend I drank alcohol 4 days! Plus had pizza plus slept 4 hours a night. although it was fun, this week Tues, Wed and today, I have really bad symptoms again. I had been doing great with most days 90-95%. Now i feel like i did when this started. And the panic comes because it was the same week last year (end of May) that this whole thing started!! So my question is…was it the weekend of stupidity or could it be every May I will be hit with this. I’m on meds now. Help!

Hi there

I think I’m going to say what you thought everyone was going to say! :slight_smile:

It sounds very much to me as if you spectacularly overdid it. I find that I can get away with things for a while but I don’t think I’ve had an occasion yet when my lax attention to diet and lifestyle didn’t eventually catch up with me. It’s hard to accept that that’s just how it is for us MAV’ers but unfortunately it is. My guess is that it’ll take you a little time to get back to your baseline before this episode, so I wouldn’t worry that this will occur every May - that’s fear and anxiety taking a hold there. Don’t listen. There’s a very reasonable explanation as to why you feel as you do, so until some more time has passed giving you opportunity to review how you’re progressing, I’d say get back to what you were doing before the blip and I’m sure all will be well. I think we all like, maybe even need, to let go and live a little sometimes but we either have to do so understanding the price we might have to pay or else be a little more cautious having weighed up whether it’s worth it or not.

I wouldn’t panic just yet a while… give it some time -hope you feel better soon.