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Remember me I’m back after many years :-/

Well firstly I never thought I would be back on this forum lol if anyone remembers me I was very ill back in 2013? Well since then I’ve lived a mostly normal life I’m not going to say I wasn’t dizzy because I have been over the years but never for long and always bounced back.
I stopped all medication years ago I guess I became to cocky in the fact I didn’t need them anymore.
The last few months have been pretty bad it started off just coming and going for a while then I went on holiday and was soooo bad the travelling etc I could barely walk straight after. Last week I was at work and had a bad attack I couldn’t walk straight I have ended up being signed off work and I am very stubborn so this takes a lot.
I’m back on my old meds third day and hoping for the best. I’m having another MRI just to rule out anything sinister I think all my old pals have moved on and so had I but is anyone still on here like Scott ?
The night is the worst time I’m getting into bed and having vertigo every night after not having this for years it’s so distressing I just want it all to stop so I can go back to work and go back to normal.
It’s such a crap illness which I don’t know if we ever get rid of I was a success story can’t believe I am back tj square one again :frowning:

Hi… Welcome back. Even though we’ve never spoken before I’ve recognise your username from old threads which are still read. Scott passed the Leadership baton to James @turnitaround some time ago. Various people post who conversed with Scott previously. You’ll recognise usernames as time goes on. Lots of people do seem to relapse years down the line and return. Strangely enough I was reading an old thread yesterday about that very subject. I don’t think you’ll find much has changed apart from participants. MAV stays much the same. We seem to try to put more emphasis on people using a Personal Diary. James has developed a pro forma which helps concentrate the mind. It’s a brief summary so others can follow an individual’s story much easier. Don’t know if you want to participate in that. I think it’s the best way of leaving some help for posterity which I think is a way of making our individual struggles mean something long-term.

You back on the Pizotifen? We’ve several here taking that, @janb, @sputnik2, two that come to mind. Helen

Yes I’m back on the pitzo. Sorry to hear Scott has gone he was a wealth of support to all of us but I thought he may move on in time. I think it always comes back for most of us I am happy I’ve had six years of being ok and living life even if it’s back I had that at the least. I will take a look around the forum

Welcome back! Sorry you are still suffering!

You can find him on his Facebook group, I believe: “Vestibular Migraine Pro“

Really odd you should join in again today. Only yesterday I was reading a post from 2014 from a Nick Watson? You might remember him? Just a name to me. Written in the same vein as your post really except he was more downhearted to have read so many relapse and return so many he felt he couldn’t consider Success Stories to really be that successful. I think when it comes down to it we have to accept that for many MAV becomes a long-term condition with which we end up having to live. Helen

Yes I agree with him ifs a disorder for life which we may or may not get under control

I think it is for many. Guess some of it depends on the root cause behind it all. There are such strong links to hormones for many women and sort of extra susceptible periods of life MAV tends to emerge or maybe re-emerge from what I’ve observed (I’m not a medic). With your case I guess something somewhere has changed to push you back into a MAV state. I had a read of some of your old posts and notice how pregnancy featured. Perhaps it’s hormones. Fluctuating hormones have a lot to answer for I found. Helen

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Hi just to update I had a three month relapse and just to let you all know I started back on my old meds and they seem to be working.
So grateful that I feel much better thanks for the support guys hope I’m not back too soon lol


That’s fantastic news! Did they start working at similar dosage? Were you able to titrate up quicker second time round?

Hi I just went back onto my only dose 1mg pitzotifen is hoping it’s worked I have been so bad on and off since June I feel like my old self again now

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