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Reminder: Basic Board Etiquette

Please pay attention to your board etiquette:

Keep It Tidy!!!

Make the effort to put things in the right place, so that we can spend more time discussing and less cleaning up. So:

  • Don’t start a new Topic if there already exists a suitable Topic on the very same subject, especially if it’s recent. Use Search before you post! Obviously if it’s a particularly fresh angle a new Topic might be more appropriate. Use your discretion.
  • Don’t start a topic in the wrong category.
  • Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.
  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream - consider posting a new Topic or on a more appropriate existing Topic.
  • Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it!
  • Don’t @ someone unnecessarily: especially in order to simply reply: you can just reply to their post using the reply button on their post or use the Quote tool. They will be informed that you’ve replied and your action will leave a graphical bread crumb of the relationship between your post and the original post and show who and what you are replying to.
  • Don’t reply to multiple people in the same post if at all possible: consider a new post if you wish to address someone else especially if it’s on a different subject. It makes it impossible for staff to re-organise posts into new Topics if you mix up two subjects in one post.
  • Unless your intention is to reply to someone else, don’t create another post if all you wish to do is add extra text. You can use the pencil tool to edit your existing post:

  • Don’t post asides in the same post: I can’t easily move those. If you absolutely have to post an aside do it in a separate post.
  • Try to minimise ‘public personal messages’: if its a personal message then maybe you should send them a private message? (There’s a button you can use on their User Card to send them a private message - get to the User Card by clicking their avatar):
  • Quote people using the quote tool (yes I’m aware of the bug on iOS at the moment … but it’s due to be fixed soon) to help readers understand context.


  • Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button. Rather than taking an existing topic in a radically different direction, use Reply as a New Topic.
  • Post about personal progress in your own Topic in Personal Diaries and refer people to those posts if they ask how you are.

Please read the rest of the guidelines in here:

and new members, read the Welcome Pages first please!

This is NOT Facebook!! :nauseated_face: This board should be an organised set of on-topic discussions, not just random idle chat. It is meant to help & help inform people and be useful to others even after you’ve left and be easily searchable. I’m ok with some informality but please don’t forget where you are, a very public and shared space. Consider the wider audience!

It’s a lot of extra work to clean up if you don’t follow the above and its not like I’m pulling a salary here!

Thank you



Just wanted to thank everyone for reading these and acting upon them. I’ve noticed the site is much tidier now.

Also to apologise for not providing more guidance sooner so we were all on the same page.

Great stuff!

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