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I am very comforted to have this forum. (Sorry in advance if I did not post this properly – am not at all computer literate).
My life changed dramatically this year February 6, 2007. I am 33 and was making my daughter’s bed when severe, black out quality vertigo struck me and I went thud to the floor. I had to ask my daughter to get me the phone (she was 5) so I could call 911. I thought I was having a stroke. I literally could not lift my head, as all I could feel was the world spinning. My vision was also fleeting and I felt I could ‘go’ at any time.
I was diagnosed as having an ‘inner ear infection’ at the ER and sent off with Gravol.
Well, this ‘infection’ did not go away! Six weeks later of feeling like a prisoner of my body, my ENT suggested MRI and ENG testing. MRI was normal, as was the ENG. I was, by default, diagnosed with ‘vestibular migraine’. I was told to take a calcium channel blocking med, but cannot as I am still nursing my youngest son.
I feel ‘off’ all of the time, sometimes it is ‘lie down in bed’ off, sometimes I can disguise it and pretend I am ‘normal’. I notice I am always holding my head or supporting my face in some way. I cannot focus on reading anymore, and find driving extremely challenging, due to my horrible concentration. I cannot socialize or have long evenings out, as the imbalance and fatigue is all encompassing. I went from a super fit, weight lifting, aerobic loving athlete to an absolute ‘couch potato’ by necessity. I literally ponder 'can I walk from the couch to my bed?" I cannot describe how horrid and life -quality robbing of a disorder this has been. I am afraid to go to stores anymore with my children in case I fall or pass out, am leery of attending events with my children (noise is horrid) and basically pray each day to make it through without anything truly horrible happening. I am always lightheaded, sometimes severely and scarily so.
I do get the ‘migraine headache’ which come and go, but the vertigo stays. Sometimes in bed I feel as though I am falling, spinning, or flipping end to end. Blessedly, I also feel still on occasion.
There is very little understanding by others and I suspect I am judged as someone either anxious and/or depressed. Mind you, I do feel anxious and depressed resulting from this craziness!
I am due to see my first real life neurologist in a few weeks (this is Canada and specialist waits are several months). I cannot wait to talk his ear off and beg for some relief!
Everyone out there – is there a ‘cure’ or a med which will control this? Or do I have to accept this as my ‘new normal’? Is the calcium channel blocking med the magic pill? It’ll be nice to hear something before I see this new Dr.
Thanks for listening and best wishes to everyone.

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Don’t fret, you do not have to except this as your new normal. There are many migraine preventative meds, and only some of them are calcium channel blocking. I don’t know if any of them can be used while nursing though.

I was in about the same boat as you when I finally got my diagnoses. I didn’t do anything but sit around home. All the situations you talk about avoiding, I also avoided, and then some. Since I got my diagnoses and made a few changes in my life (including finding the right med) my life took an almost complete turn around. I still have my bad days and avoid most of the same old things, but I now have more good days than bad, and go about my life as close to normal as I can.

Just for a laugh, one of the things that has been completely banned is the climbing of ladders or anything else that will take me more than three feet off of the ground. :slight_smile:

Dear Mom of 3,I’m so sorry you have this disorder it shocking to say the least,
I do here some people have gone into remission with calsium channel blockers, I havent yet but I’m hoping to up my dose a little, after I confirm this with my neuro. as brian said I’m not aware of what drugs people can take while nursing, I’d imagine most drugs would go to the baby.
for me the calsium channel blockers have made some difference, but not as much as I’d have liked , Its bought my symptoms down from a 8 to 9 to around a 5 most days unless I have a big migriane and then I’m back to a 8 to 9, but I’m one of the lucky ones, I dont have spinning or passing out thank God.
lets face it any relief is good.
and by the way the ccb dont have bad side effects if you can get over the first 2 weeks.
infact I find they are calming me alittle, as I can be a little nervy at times.
all the best
jen form oz