Restless legs

Ive had restless legs now for 3-4 days/nights in a row, and its driving me CRAZY.

Problems really started when I began with omeprazole (acid-reducer), even though I felt it very minor on ocassion prior to that; apparently it can give this in some cases. But I haven’t taken any since yesterday morning and its still there =/

Unfortunately it seems the “sleep-medication” I take can give more rls as its an antihistamine. Not that I’ve noted it becomming worse from it, but I guess I will have to stop taking it to see = crap sleep :frowning:

I’m thinking it may be because Im low on iron or something (apparently common cause of “secondary” RLS); since Ive been having gastritis continously for over 3 months now, I have not been able to eat any iron-foods such as meat. Its been mostly bread and some vegetables and yoghurt + milk :confused:

I just hate going to the gp’s.

Also it gets much worse in the evening; I jogged for 30 min last night and that helped it, guess Ill have to do it again tonight (meaning now).

I hate this, Can’t handle more than Ive already got :frowning:

What medications are you on? Sometimes meds can worsen restless leg syndrome. I believe the calcium channel blockers can worsen RLS but do check with your Dr. I often find myself thinking the same way - isn’t it enough that we have to deal with the dizziness / headaches and all that goes along with them? Can’t there just be really good medications without such difficult side effects? I have myoclonus - involuntary movements. Started six weeks after first becoming dizzy - probably stress induced -and now I will have to live with it forever. I can’t tolerate any SSRI’s because it makes the myoclonus so much worse. Too bad because I think I would have really benefited from a SSRI. I know there are some medications for RLS but don’t know if you want to add another med to what you may already be taking for the dizzies. Both my parents have RLS so I’ll probably be dealing with it some day, too. I just hope not too soon. Uhggg.

Before being diagnosed with MAV my first neuro thought I had epilpesy and prescribed lamictal, a calcium channel blocker. While on lamictal I developed RLS (in hindsight maybe as a result of the lamictal?) and was prescribed mirapex as an add on drug therapy. Mirapex didn’t seem to have that much effect on the RLS but its much advertised side effect (compulsive gambling) sure kicked in. I spent more time than I care to admit at the race track betting on the horses.

I stopped taking the antihistamine (which apparently is related to antipsychotics as well) which was helping me sleep. The restless legs reduced to very minimal over a few days. However last night I couldnt go to sleep, and took it again; and today I have restless legs again.

Guess I no longer can take that med; strange since I’ve been taking it since december.

It sucks too because I had come to a fairly stable situation going on. I really don’t want to take stronger meds on a continous basis (to help me sleep) :frowning:

I’m going to try melatonin next. However some with rls get it worse from that; so well see…

DId you find anything to help your RLS “heritage”? I heard treating it with iron-injections is the big new thing. One doesn’t have to have an iron deficiency for it to help either; if it’s under 50microgram/l ferretinin (or soemthing like that), an RLS patient can benifit from increasing it to over 50, even up to 80 can greatly reduce rls apparently.


The RLS eventually went away after I stopped taking the lamictal. Again, I suspect, but don’t know for sure, the lamictal caused the RLS. I wish you good luck. Hopefully you can get the RLS under control. It is annoying.