Return to work have you coped?

I am new here …have been reading for some time. Just in awe of you all !

I have been told I have developed vestibular migraine after 10+ years of classic migraines.

While I am able to function day to day, drive etc I am still in mourning my previous life where I had energy and didn’t worry about the next dizzy episode.

I have had a year off work. Tried EVERYTHING acupuncture , atlas profilax, vestibular phiso, hypnotherapy etc etc Recently started my first prescription drug …Amitriptyline 3 weeks in.
Regretting I didn’t start earlier to find the right drug as I am not sure this is doing much.

I am due back at work in another month and scared I am not up to it. I really want to go back to my job but it means moving interstate, signing a lease and starting full time work. again.
How have you all coped with working full time with vestibular migraine. I know everyone is different. but would welcome some personal stories.

Still in awe x

Hello there! I was in the same boat as you and the lucky one to have it not as bad as other members here. I know the anxiety feeling of going back to work since i had 3 weeks off from work about a month ago. To make long story short, it was the worse 3 weeks of my life. Things got better when i returned and felt better. So look forward to working again if you can manage to because it”s a nice distraction.

Thanks Young Lee
Fingers crossed we will be ok

I agree with Young - I’ve had this beast for 4 years now (much improved over those 4 years but still not 100%) and I haven’t stopped working at all

I find when I’m not working I get anxious and tend to ruminate on the fact that I’m dizzy. At least when I’m working I may not feel great, but I have something to keep my mind occupied.

One recommendation I have is to get a screen guard or darkener for your computer if you work at a computer at all. Makes a world of difference

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My hat comes off to you, very tough to keep working through all that, especially in the first year or so of the chronic phase.

Very glad to hear you are still improving, Brent!

If you work with computers try to get a flicker-free screen. Your workplace may be obliged to get one under health and safety laws, depending on where you are. If not, just ask nicely. It made a big difference to me.
I don’t know what you do for a living but as you are moving, try to move really close to your place of work. If you can avoid the extra stress/ triggers caused by commuting that will make work much easier.
Good luck!