Revisiting that PXP snake oil seller

Hi All,

Unfortunately, I have to revisit this unsavoury topic to make sure the word is out to flag a snake oil dealer (Julcal) who was once a member here for 2-3 years. She now spends her time selling (lying about) garbage products to people suffering with MAV to line her pockets. It’s absolutely appalling and disgusts me that there are people out there who prey on people with MAV, even worse someone who apparently suffered from MAV and knew our community well. It doesn’t get much lower than that. Julcal has created an attractive-looking MAV “lens” to appear credible and then at the end makes the sales pitch with a video selling her crap at a site called Squidoo under MAV (searchable but I won’t link here).

Three years ago it was PXP (many threads in the alternative treatments forum) and then a miracle oxygenated water and now it’s some other junk vitamin product that she claims cured her.

I am bringing this up now because it has again appeared at another popular Meniere’s forum being put out there as a good source of MAV information. Not sure it’s a big deal now but the more that people in our community know about this, the better and it may help to cripple the seller’s “business”.

The evidence:

19 March 2009 (written here in a thread)

“PXP got me dancing and driving and 100% YES 100%, dare I say the word: CURED!”

Months later Julcal began promoting this stuff on her own “MAV-forum” and on Wikipedia. The forum lasted 4 months before folding and Wikipedia booted her off after I complained. I then changed a post she had made at promoting it again. Mine remained and the entry was locked. Not long after she ditched PXP.

17 Jan 2010 (squidoo)

She then claimed that it was some other garbage she was peddling called ASEA healing water that cured her MAV – another money-making scam.

26 Jan 2012 (squidoo)

Now claiming that a junk supplement called Laminine cured her.


Vic – some ASEA jus on your seasoned rice balls by any chance? :lol:

Thanks for posting, Scott. I actually stumbled across that site promoting “laminine” a while back. Looked a tad suspicious to me. Now I know why! :shock:

I also came across her site promoting her cure for MAV and actually thought about trying her miracle cure. People like her disgust me. When I had cancer I fell under the spell of some people like her and all they wanted was my money.

It is particularly insidious as the information on the site (prior to the sales pitch for snake oil) is pretty good - reasonably accurate and easy to understand. Makes her claims that this Laminine nonsense cured her seem plausible/authoritative. Fact is it’s all nonsense and she’s preying on the sick and vulnerable. Beware! :evil:

Dogs act! How low can you get…seething! :evil: