Right Ear Clicking and Nausea

Hi Guys

Recently noticed that my right ear clicks for no apparent reason. For example when I am turning from side to side in bed, or when I blow my nose lightly, or when I am chewing on my food. The right ear clicks ever so lightly. Also noticed since getting this junk that when I walk (of course I am off balance when I walk) or when I am lying down or when I am just sitting down, my head gets pulled more towards my right so I have to make a huge effort to keep it straight.

Lately I have also been very nauseas throughout the day starting from waking up in the morning whilst in bed and then throughout the day on and off.

My MAV symptoms are feeling off balance, heavy and foggy head, disequilibrium, visual disturbances, sharp 1-2 second headaches that come and go in different parts of my forehead and nausea (though I have not yet vomitted)

Question 1) Do you think the right side of my balance nerve/blood vessel in my inner ear is damaged hence the pulling to the right and right ear clicking? If yes, what can I do about it?

Question 2) What can I do to control my nausea?

I am on pizotifen right now for the past 9 days but still have not noticed any benefits from it yet. Will have to wait I guess to see if it works.


Ear clicking can be a sign of eustachain tube disfunction, which is a fancy way of saying that your ear is getting fluid stuck in it. I have a recurring problem where my right ear continually gets the eustachian tube plugged up and when I finally manage to get the gunk out of way so it can drain (I use a nasal rinse + a humidifyer at night) the ear then starts clicking as it drains. I’m pretty sure the clicking noise is the pressure re-equalizing as the tube becomes clear, but I’m not 100% sure.

I’ve had this problem for 8 years and had it long before my MAV showed up last summer, so I don’t think they are related at all in my case. But I don’t know if what you are experiencing is the same as me. It sounds like our balance isses are pretty different, and ears ARE involved in balance to a huge degree so it might be worth looking into.

Is your clicking rythmic usually slowing down before it tapers off? Or can you make the ear click on demand with the various things you mention? I cannot make my ear click–it just starts doing so when my sinuses/ear/nose is draining.


My ear clicking happens when I am turning from side to side in bed, or when I blow my nose lightly, or when I am chewing on my food. The right ear clicks ever so lightly. It doesn’t happen all the time even when I perform the above acts. It is not progressive and doesn’t bother me. Do you think its eustachain tube disfunction? It just happens on and off. Its quite harmless really. I have somehow linked it to my head that gets pulled to my right side always. But I am really not sure?

Can anyone give me tips on controlling my nausea? I feel very nauseas in the car, or whilst sitting idle (thinking about my symptoms). I find it very hard not to think about it 24/7. When I am busy the nausea goes away. But its always present in the car. I know there are medications available but is there anything else that can be done to control it? I am scared to take too many medications for different different symptoms.