River running through the head?!

A weird symptom I wonder if anyone else can relate to. (I’ve tried searching for it on here, but I don’t really know what to type in.)

When I’m lying in bed at night, maybe before I’ve gone to sleep, or if I’ve woken up in the early hours… I sometimes get a strange feeling of liquid rushing through my head… or, more specifically, liquid thundering violently through my head. It’s located around the temples, in the general ear area, usually on both sides.

I’m assuming it’s blood rushing through (contracted?) vessels, and the sensation is magnified.

On nights when this happens, if I also dream… the dream tends to be of some sort of movement or something that challenges balance. So I’ll dream that I’m in a car chase, or driving up a vertical road, or standing on top of a skyscraper and looking down etc… and I assume this is an unconscious elaboration on the “rushing” movement I notice when I’m awake. Though, when I’m awake, I don’t notice any dizziness alongside the feeling.

Most odd.

This any good? @Joseph0952


my mind (inside my head) does not feel Relaxed. Just the opposite. Another way to describe the symptoms are (for example)…if you were to slightly Jar a Fish Bowl…you know how the water would swish back and forth & every which way…that is how it feels

Can’t say it’s something I have experienced however I can resonate with the dream connection. I have often dreamt I am having vertigo only to awake to find it wasn’t a dream after all. The mind is a very complex thing but it sure reflects the state of our subconscious often long before we ourselves actually realise the effect things are having on us.

The ‘water sloshing’ probably not at all significant. Just another result of the hypersensitivities we experience with MAV I guess. Or perhaps maybe it’s more the ‘brains rolling around inside the skull’ feeling. Plenty of references to that one.

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Thanks, it’s not quite what I’m thinking of, but it’s all in the same ball park! My symptom is very localised to just inside the ear, on one or both sides, and it’s purely a forward-rushing liquid. So, imagine a thin rusty pipe, and water is gushing through it, but the pipe is too thin and the water is bursting and damming up… with no dizziness or rocking or anything alongside it. Purely a sensation of furiously flowing liquid.

Yes, I think just more migraine hypersensitivity. I do suspect it’s blood rushing through some sort of dilated or constricted vessel. Probably not coincidental that it seems to be next to the ear… :woozy_face:

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I’ve had that feeling. It’s hard to describe it.

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Can’t really grasp that one. I always knew I was bit devoid of imagination. Certainly a new one on me and hoping it might remain that way. We certainly get to experience some strange sensations. Makes us see the world in a wholely different light. Perhaps one day in the overall scheme of things it will prove beneficial. We can only hope so!

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Yes I’ve experienced it too, at night lying down. Tbh it frightened the life out of me at first. Thankfully it was just once. Sorry its happening frequently and like you I think there’s a vascular element to it. Take care. Hope it eases for you.

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