Rocking gets worse as the day progresses

Do any of you feel that your rocking isn’t that bad when you wake up, but gets progressively worse as the day goes along? Just wondering if I’m the only one that feels this symptom.



I will pip in and say that alth not good when I wake up my balance and all those pull/push swaying feelings intensify as the day progresses. Once the evening sets in and the lights dim I suffer more.

During my first year of this (I was very sick then, but not as sick as currently - I’ve had this for over 2 years now), I did experience increase sxs when day went on, especially increased disequlibirum.

forgot to mention that I was still extremely sick in the AM, but the rocking was a bit less, especially upon waking for about 30 minutes, then it started to kick in more and more

Res…if i don’t take my medication it progressivly gets worse as the day moves on. But with some medication that helps the symptoms to be lessened.


Thanks for the replies. I am going to try and find the right med for me. I started to take verapamil for a couple of weeks but had some bad side effects - one of my eyes developed some uncomfortable crawling/restless sensation.

I don’t know if another calcium channel blocker will have the same side effects or not, or if I should just try something else like topamax.

I too get worse as the day progresses. To me it is obvious that it is related to tiredness. Often if I can squeeze in a little lie-down in the middle of the day (not always possible with a 4 and 2 year old!) it helps in the late afternoon.

I can completely relate to this. I’m taking 40 mg of Celexa and it’s helping me 50 % but I still feel worse towards the evening, so I always make sure to take a nap. That helps sometimes.


Yes, I can relate to the symptoms getting worse over the day. This was one of the factors that drove me to stop working. Now that I’m not working when things start to go bad for me, I can lay down for a little while when I need to, and get back up a little later on feeling a little less worn out, and with better balance.