Hi everyone, I’m new here and frankly confused. Been suffering 3 years now, just had all my testing about 2 months ago. Eng/nvg were normal. VEMP found an abnormality on the right side. My neuro-otologist just keeps saying that. A “balance nerve abnormality” was found. At one point she mention MAV now she just keeps beating around the bush and won’t give a straight answer. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has been told this and also why ha e I developed this rocking the last 5 months comes and goes but can last for weeks. Better while in motion. Is this normal?

Hi Brandie,

Welcome to the site :slight_smile:

Yes, the rocking you describe can be a common symptom of MAV and you will find a lot of people on here who experience rocking, some intermittent and some - unfortunately - have it all the time. Feeling better in motion is something some people with MAV have too, although this is more variable between people I would say.

I had a slight feeling of rocking for a few months constantly back in 2010, which went away after I found a medicine that worked well for me (pizotifen). I came off that med after I was feeling much better, and have had a few minor relapses, where sometimes I feel like I am rocking for a few days, but luckily nothing that long term since that first spell. However, for me the rocking was not my major or most troublesome symptom. Are you getting other symptoms too?