Root Canal Treatment

Hi All,

I had to have root canal treatment today, and it turned out to be a little more complicated than expected, lasting around 3 hours. Since the anaesthetic has worn off I have been in a hell of a lot of pain, pain that i would liken to a real migraine headache, if not worse…

What really amazes me, is how I am able to deal with such traumatic situations plus the pain aswell.

Normally I can’t build up the courage to simply go out and see friends, but somehow i can cope with this pain. If anything I am not so focused on my MAV symptoms when im dealing with this pain which makes the MAV better… amazing!

Well there’s the craziest MAV treatment ever. Root canal!! :o

How odd I was going to put on a post last weekend when I was in agony with sciatica. Was taking ibuprofen for days and on the first few days when at my worst my dizziness was almost non existence. Managed shopping and didn’t spin in bed when I closed my eyes. It was fantastic. The sciatica got better this week and the dizziness returned with a vengeance. I thought maybe the ibuprofen was doing this but realise that is silly surely? Or was it my brain focussing on the pain and ignoring the dodgy signals that cause the dizziness? Wish my pain would come back to ease the bad dizziness I have at the moment.

Hi Ang no that is not silly, I have seen a few on here post that ibuprofen helps their dizziness, one mentioned aleve- you should try it for a week and see how you feel!!! if it helped me I would gobble it down!!!

Really oh wow. Only at max dose though. When I dropped dose my dizziness got worse. How strange and why I wonder can a pain killer help?

I have no idea why but I think I have seen 4 others post things saying that ibuprofen/aleve helps…I would go for it honestly try it and report back :slight_smile: