Rose - yes way!

Ok, what’s the deal here? I literally feel better when I drink white or rose wine. At first I thought it was just taking the edge off - allowing some respite from my constant focus and misery about every sensation being so crazy strong. I thought it helped me tolerate the constant rocking - that I just didn’t care so much. But that’s not it. I realized the rocking really IS gone after two glasses. I just feel some pressure in my head (I honestly could care less about pain and pressure symptoms - I just want the rocking/imbalance and weird aura / sensitivities to stop!!).

Anyone know what’s going on? I don’t really seem to feel any “worse” the following day - worse than what I was feeling to prior drinking I mean. I usually have about two glasses and then lots of water.

Ugh, maybe I should just become a lush??

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That’s funny. A very slight buzz makes me feel the same way! It can’t last, though, and with topomax it can’t happen at all. :confused:

I so understand this it happens to me :slight_smile:

It’s so lovely to get that temporary relief partaking in something social, right?

What I’m wondering is whether this means a vasodilator might work for me? Getting no calls back from dr get arhggggg

I may be very lucky but rocking and swaiying has just got less and less severe with time. Touch wood I don’t feel swaying and rocking at all now, but I sometimes do get a sensation which is very mild that could have once been rocking … if that makes sense?

I think going out and have a glass of vino with friends IS ABSOLUTELY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO OCCASIONALLY!!

You need to connect back into the world and feel your normal self again to fight the risk of depression.


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