Rotating symptoms

Ugh!!! I hate all the symptoms that I experience with Migraine Syndrome, but my latest ones are brutal!!! Its flu like sympotms, body aches, off and on fever, fatigue…sounds like flu right? Unfortunately these are symptoms that I have struggled with for years and my sister does as well.
Just needed to vent :mrgreen:

oh my gosh that’s horrible. I’m sorry. I get the flu like symptoms sometimes but not fevers. i think mine are coming from menopause though not sure. I think i have 2-3 different things going on.

Hope you feel better!

What do you take for your MaV?


haha, yeah perhaps my sx are from perimenapause!!! Anyway, since 2007 when I was finally dx, I started on Nortriptyline. My bp was a bit elevated and the doc wanted to put me on something, so I asked for verapamil thinking that that could help my Migraine Syndrome as well…still feeling a bit blue as a sx of Migraine or perhaps just the horrible ordeal this whole thing has been, my doc put me on Effexor since that could benfit Migraine as well…so I am currently on

75 mg Nortriptyline
75 mg Effexor SR or ER
280 mg Verapamil ER or SR

Thanks God for meds, because I still have sx daily…just much much more mild! Oh, I also take an Anti Nausea regulary!