Rotten beans

Beans are an iffy matter for migraineurs.

Fermented or pickled items, to my understanding, are far more likely to be troublesome.

So I’ve tried various beans, and so far, yea, I’ve found none to be triggers. Fermented items I’ve approached more cautiously.

Curdled things I’ve taken differently: I’ve been okay with cottage cheese and ricotta, and hey, bean curd/tofu–so long as I left off any soy sauce or miso or fermented fish sauce.

However, I was just reading a book by linguist Mark Forsyth and found his claim that tofu means, literally, “rotten beans.”
Now is this for real, or is he being a bit cute?

Because I’ve done okay with tofu, and if it really is rotted/fermented just as is the bean in hoisin sauce or the cabbage in daikon, maybe I should go ahead and check a bunch of these items that I thought were explicitly named as no-nos.