Rubbish week

Hi everyone,

After being so excited to have had a pretty stable 3 months beginning this year, I’m now back in hell. I mean, I’m exaggerating because I’m bed ridden for the first time in months and it absolutely sucks. Though I can see a clear connection to a night of excess drinking 1.5 weeks ago, Also made worse by two 3hr car journeys, sub optimal eating and some stressful news. I feel like I keep making the same “mistakes” when I’m feeling ok, by doing things other people don’t even notice the effect of. Sorry for complaining, I realise I only really have myself to blame!

I also wanted to ask: does anyone get like a sinking, strong anxiety feeling in the chest/ belly before going dizzy? My anxiety then lingers for a while and then I’m just left with just the usual unbalanced dizzy. I’ve wondered before whether there’s a link to temporal lobe epilepsy

Thanks for reading. Feeling very sorry for myself, as you can see :disappointed::disappointed:

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