Running a 5k!

Hi all, I just finished a 5K run that I did not really train for. I am so happy I was able to do it this year. I do it every year and last year I skipped it cause I sprained my ankle while training for it a week before the run. Wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it with a bunch of people running around me, passing me, me passing some people. I thought I’d for sure get too dizzy and have to stop with all of the visual stimulation going on, but I carried on and made it with no problems. I did get passed by a pregnant woman with a stroller :lol: , but she passed a lot of people so I didn’t feel too bad. She must have finished arount 28 or 29 minutes cause my time was 32 minutes and she was well ahead of me.

I just thought I’d let the board know that even with the dizzy’s, we can still have some physical achievements in life and I’m really happy about that. Have a good one everyone.

Also my prayer’s and thoughts go out to everyone for September 11th. The 10 year anniversary of one of the worst tragedy’s in American history. God Bless you all!!


Greg!!! A massive well done! Absolutely fantastic. I’m gobsmacked. That’s one in the eye for MAV. Good for you! Enjoy to the max the satisfaction and sense of achievement you must feel.


Congratulations Greg!!! What an achievement! Enjoy your success and your kick in the teeth to MAV! Take care,


Thank you,

Yea, I’ve been celebrating today cause I’m so happy. My Detroit Lions (American Football) won today and I’m feeling great. I’ve had a few drinks today, but I’m feeling alright. My balance is doing pretty well today and I’m just fired up. I’ve been feeling pretty well for about a week now and I’m so happy!!! Not ready for a success story yet, but I hope it’s not too far along. My balance has taken a turn for the better over the past week and I really didn’t want to make a big deal over it cause it’s only been a week, but I’m feeling good. The only thing I can contribute to my good feelings is the the liquid multivitamin I’ve been taken for about 4 weeks now. Now, I’ve taken about 3 different multi’s since MAV first started and multiple other mineral’s and herbal stuff plust Nort, and Periactin and I have not had this success yet.

The only success I’ve had since MAV started was when I was tapering off Nort, I was normal for about 4 day’s, but then I crashed. I believe for me this multivitamin is doing the trick so far. It’s called Intramax and I’ve never felt the type of energy and a whole lot of other things (Non MAV related) it’s been doing for me since I’ve started it. It’s been fixing a lot of my little problems like acid reflux, sore limbs etc., it was only a matter of time before it started working on my vestibular system also… I love this stuff and I’m rolling with it for now…

I don’t think it’s a matter of me being deficiant in something because I’ve basically tried most of the stuff that’s inside this multi. I don’t know what the hell it’s doing or how the hell it’s doing this, but I’m extreeeeeeeeeeeeemly happy and excited over it. I really believe it’s going to take me all the way within time. Finger’s crossed and wish me luck cause I’m pumped up and feeling like I can conquer this right now.

I love you guy’s and I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this multi cause DAMN I’m feeling good!!!


Well done on completing the 5k run! You must be feeling great after completing the race. I signed up for a 5k Santa Claus fun run this morning as I’ve been feeling alright this last month and I wanted to get back to running. I’ve been feeling nervous that the increase in exercise might cause the dizziness to come back but having read your message, I feel motivated to give it a go and see what happens. I may have to take longer to train and slowly build up how much running I do based on how i feel but I am going to try. Thanks! Did you run for a charity?

I’m glad to hear you are feeling better at the moment, long may it continue!


Hey Greg,
I have some Intramax in my fridge. One of my friends has a son who had cancer and she was convinved it was helping him recover from chemo etc…I tried it a few times, but if I remember, I got a little dizzier and maybe even some insomnia. I’m going to give it another shot though…thanks for the reminder.
Glad you are feeling better! yahoooooooo!


Yes, the running helps some, but at first it’s a mess… You gotta stay at it and you’ll be ok. When you think it’s making you worse, KEEP GOING, it will help in the long run. But don’t over exert yourself either. Take it slow. REALLLLLY SLOW. It gets worse at first and after the initial getting used to it, it gets better and you’ll know. And yes, it was for breast cancer awareness.


If you have Intramax just sitting around, check the expiration date, and if it’s ok, start taking it NOW!!! At first, it makes you feel a bit strange. But after about 2 weeks, you’ll really start feeling the benefits. Within the first few day’s my acid reflux was out the door and it hasn’t been back. That’s just one bonus. But it did make me tired and nonactive for about 2 weeks. It’s basically knocked every little physical problem out of my life. Now I don’t have anything serious that was wrong with me before, but just little things I’ve noticed over the last month that I’m really shocked about.

For example, I sprained my ankle last year and it’s been sore on and off since, now my ankle feels like the other one. I have no bad feeling in it whatsoever! Acid reflux gone, my skin look really healthy, All neourological problems (caused by the dizziness) is gone completely, brain fog, lightheadedness, you name it, it’s gone. The last thing that’s hanging around is the balance symptoms… Although, they are much improved and I feel like the end of the road is near. I can’t believe this stuff is having this kind of effect on me. I knew after I started feeling better about my other physical problems that it was only a matter of time before it started acting on my vestibular system, and it has!!! I mean, how can it make other things so much better and skip the inner ear?? It doesn’t, it gets that too and I can’t wait for the next few months.

I called the company that makes the stuff and I said, “Hey, what is up with this stuff, I’ve got a balance problem and this is the only thing that has gotten me consistent relief, Not 100% but what and how is this really helping??” The guy said “If you’re feeling the benefits with an illness after 3 weeks, wait about 3 months and you’re really gonna be happy”. I said, really, what the hell is this stuff. He basically said it’s a highly absorbable product that contains many minerals and vtiamins has helped thousands of people with whatever they had wrong with them and it really is a life saver for a lot of people. He did say he’s talked to many people with migraine and said it is very effective for migraine from whom he’s talked to.

I checked the net for reviews and scams on this stuff cause it’s so expensive, and I gotta say that the reviews are quite favorable and I don’t think they’re put on either. This product has been around since 1999 and there really isn’t a bad thing said about it. The company really stands by it’s success too, which was surprising to me.

I’ll keep you all updated on it, cause I’m about to get my second bottle of this stuff, and if it’s the real deal for MAV, I gotta let you know.


Well done Greg! That’s brilliant!

I also kept running during my MAV problems, and think it contributed to my (eventual) recovery. My consultant said that keeping active and doing lots of different types of movement is great VRT. I did find it difficult at times, as my vision used to bounce a lot when I was looking at the horizon, and I also found it hard to cross roads when I was looking behind me whilst running as that made me feel quite off balance for a few seconds. But at the end of the day I felt like I was feeling rubbish when I did nothing, so even if I found running a bit tough/unpleasant, I may as well be fit and feeling dizzy, rather than unfit and dizzy. And it all paid off in the end.

Anyway, you’ve done really well, and I’m sure it’s an inspiration to a lot of people on here to hear things like this :slight_smile:


That’s exactly how I feel when I run. Though lately it hasn’t been that bad.


greg, ive orderd some a hope theres no worries getting into aus we have a few strong custom policies, i hope i get favourable results in relation to my health prob red eyes etc/maybe autoimmune, i dont think its going clear the dizzy/balance up or migraine but if it does by some small miracle **you will be hearing massive thank-you from oz **:smiley: keep on keeping well bec


Congratulations on doing the run and great to hear you are feeling so well. Great news all round :smiley: .

It’s funny timing actually reading about your run. I’ve been in Facebook discussions with an old school friend who really really really sounds like she’s got either MAV and/or MdDS. She runs and rides a bike and I’ve been encouraging her to keep up both - we all know how good exercise is for MAV. It’s also been really great that I’ve been able to let her know who some of the top dizzy docs are in the UK (she’s in Oxford) which I’d never have even known about without all the good people here at mvertigo. Thanks everyone!

Vic :slight_smile:


My main reason for trying the intramax was to knock out the dizziness. But now as I’m seeing what else it has been doing for me, I’m really happy with the product. Plus it’s starting to work on the dizzy’s My dizziness is definetely better and after watching myself with the small things that bothered me healthwise get better, I knew it was only a matter of time for the dizziness and ear symptoms to start going away.

I have hardly any ear symptoms now and that part of me feels normal again like before. My balance is much better. The rocking is better, not gone yet, but much better. I do have some visual vertigo when I’m moving around like walking and turning my head a lot. Still bothersome, but I’m waiting patiently for that to get out. That has also been improved a ton too. I feel like I’ve started a new med that has only positive side effects. So far it’s been wonderful.

I hope it will work for you as good as it’s been working for me. Right now I’m not considering a med cause I feel if I keep doing the right things with the help of intramax, I can get there. Not there yet, but looking good so far.


thanks, Yes, keeping active with exercise will help a lot I believe. It’s so hard to keep moving with this crap though. Sometimes when I run I feel good, other times I find myself focusing so hard on my balance, but the day’s after I feel a little better than before.


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Thank you,

Yea, I’ve been celebrating today cause I’m so happy. My Detroit Lions (American Football) won today and I’m feeling great.

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  1. Congrats on the 5k. That is great. When my vertigo hit, I couldn’t run my usual amount, so I had to build up gradually and I can now do a 5k as well. I know how great it feels to get back on that horse, wonderful news.

  2. I am not sure if all these Australians and English people can understand the plight of a Lions fan the past few years, but I am an avid Bears fan and fantasy football player so I understand how big the win was yesterday. They looked great, and if Stafford can stay healthy, then you are in for a good year. I wish you luck against the Pack and the Vikings.


Yea the Bears did well on week one too. I hope the Bears and Lions Sweep the Pack. I’m not worried about the Vikings, but the Pack are just too good and need to be beat in our division. I actually don’t mind seeing the Bears do good. If the lions don’t make the playoffs, I always hope the Bears do. I like Chicago sports. I’ll also root for the Blackhawks and Cubs. But not the White Sox. The Bears have kind of been my team to root for since the lions have been so bad for so many years, I had to root for someone and there was no way I’d root for the packers. If Stafford stay’s in all year, I think the lions might actually do something.